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Choosing a Data Management Framework and Its Implementation Method

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About Course

This is Course 1 of the Program “Establishing a Data Management Function.”
This is an advanced training course for data management professionals.

The  course “Choosing a Data Management Framework and Its Impelementation Method” has several objectives:

  • Compare existing data management frameworks
  • Share knowledge and assist in developing practical skills to establish a data management function
  • Demonstrate practical methods to choose a data management framework that fits a company’s needs and resources
  • Show an integrated approach to implementing multiple data management capabilities

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define your company’s needs in a data management initiative
  • Choose a DM framework that meets your company’s needs and resources
  • Plan activities to start the initiative


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What Will You Learn?

  • The key concepts of a data management (DM) framework, capability, and function
  • Key existing data management frameworks
  • An integrated approach to implementing multiple DM capabilities

Course Content

The Role of Data in Business
In this section, we will agree on the basic terms we use across the course. We will also discuss the role of data in a business cycle.

  • The Role of Data in Business

The Definition of Data Management
This section demonstrates that a definition of data management depends on context. We will discuss the meanings of data management per organizational level. This section also introduces the concept map of data management.

A Data Management Capability and Function
This section explains the meaning of “capability” and “function.” Every company already has a data management capability because it manages data in one way or another. A company should set up a formal data management function to optimize this capability.

A Data Management Framework
This section introduces the definition of a data management framework, its constituent components, and the purposes of usage. A data management framework is a tool to transform a data management capability into a function.

Leading Data Management Frameworks
This section demonstrates the differences and similarities between the two leading data management frameworks: DAMA-DMBOK2 and DCAM™ 2.2. Using the template presented in this section, you can assess the usability of a framework applied in your company.

Introduction to the “Orange” Data Management Framework
This section provides a high-level overview of the content and unique features of the “Orange” data management framework. This framework is a combination of models and methods to establish or optimize a data management function within a company.

A Method to Implement a Data Management Framework
This section provides a detailed overview of the “Data Management Star” method. This 5-step method gives a generic approach to implementing a data management framework and/or function. This method can be applied to any chosen data management framework.

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